Welcome to our new website!

Author: Kristy Lakomy   Date Posted:11 September 2017 

Welcome to our new website! main image Welcome to our new website! image

There comes a time in ones life that you look in the mirror and think 'Where did those years go?'.

So it is the same for our business. This year we are celebrating 10 years in business. 10 years is something I am very proud of. I can tell you confidently that if it wasn't for the amazing staff we have had over the years, our exceptional growers and wholesalers and of course our loyal customers, we would not be so lucky to celebrate this achievement. Thank you every one of you. 

How are we celebrating? This amazing new website and brand new branding of course. Out with the old and in with the new. We love it and we hope you do too. 

I don't know where those years have gone but I do know that I am so excited to see what this business will achieve in the next 10 years. 

Kristy x

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